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News and articles

The United States Now Needs To Be Part of Any Privacy Threat Model

When I was working in the European Parliament, there was one quote that stuck with me: “you’ll never see somebody’s own government listed among the threats to a customer’s privacy in their marketing material”. For all the companies out there wanting to “help” you with your own data – mail spam filters, big data processors, cloud services, and so on – there’s always a cleptocratic government lurking in the background and which is an utter and unacceptable threat to the security of that data.

SlemBunk malware for Android is stealing Bank details

Android users all over the world have been falling victims to a new type of malware that the cybersecurity firm FireEye is calling SlemBunk. The dangerous malware is a type of Trojan that (having been launched for the first time) runs in the background at all times – ready to steal the banking credentials of […]

Routing ‘Feature’ can expose VPN users’ real IP-adresses

A VPN is generally touted as an ideal tool to remain anonymous online, but this is more easily said than done. This week ProstoVPN revealed a widespread issue that can in many cases expose the true IP-addresses of users, unless proper action is taken.

Greek banks hit by cybercriminals demanding Bitcoin ransom

Banks in Greece have been hit by hackers demanding that a ransom is paid in Bitcoins. The hackers, known as the Armada Collective, are believed to have brought down the operations of three Greek banks for a number of hours last Thursday 26. In response, Greek authorities sent in a team of cyber security experts and intelligence personnel who managed to restore the system within a few hours.