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PureVPN review

PureVPN is a superb service from a professional VPN provider, with a wide scope of nicely-packed features, round-the-clock support, user-friendly web-site, money-back guarantees, impressive clientele (several thousand customers), high connection speeds and convenient SW.



Options and prices

It is a perfect choice for anyone who is ready to pay money in return for true quality. Quality is a convincing advantage of PureVPN, as well as a strong customer focus. Software solutions are backed up by a collection of easy-to-read tutorials for different devices which are available online. PureVPN can be recommended for great performance. In fact, there are a couple of minor gaps, because absolute perfectness is a non-existing thing and there can be no guarantees of absolute privacy, but PureVPN can be safely recommended for most users and applications. You can try out this solution to get first-hand experience.

Following a conventional pricing scheme, PureVPN offers progressive discounts for long-time subscriptions. Also there is a money-back guarantee effective for three days, so it is always possible to discontinue the use of this service if you are dissatisfied with the results. Refunds are available, provided that data use over the period was within 500 MB. Otherwise the provider would offer troubleshooting support instead of refund.



Customer support

Support is available on a round-the-clock basis, including a live chat option from the provider’s web-site. It can be field-tested by any user: queries are answered immediately and in a clear way. Also, there are forum discussions, social media activities, a ticketing system, and an impressive database of answers to most common questions. Queries can be sent via e-mail as well. Unfortunately, PureVPN does not run a telephone hotline, but this is a common practice for all VPN providers.



Private and secure online activities

PureVPN utilizes effective technologies to ensure network security for its users – PPTP & L2TP/IPSec protocols, SSTP and SSL in line with 128-bit encryption. It seems like PureVPN supports a beta-version of OpenVPN, which is mentioned is some tutorials, but not indicated in the profiles of their packages. Detailed privacy policy of PureVPN is available online.

There are clear commitments for confidentiality. The provider undertakes not to disclose any account usage details except for legally binding situations, such as mandatory requests from public authorities. However, some activity logs are maintained, so PureVPN is rather unsuitable for those who seek an absolute privacy and confidence.




By way of illustration, let’s consider a Standard plan offered by PureVPN, for 1 month. Buy now link opens a page where a preferred time period can be selected. It is also possible to acquire for 5 $/month an own IP-address in a chosen country.


After that it is required to fill in registration details: user name, password and e-mail, and select one of the available payment options. There are conventional bank card payments, money transfers, PayPal and Payza to choose from. Here, PayPal was selected:


Clicking Checkout, the user gets to PayPal and processes the payment. After that an introductory letter arrives via e-mail where it is said that he/she might have to wait for up to 1 day for VPN login details.

After a short while this introduction is followed by another e-mail saying that further verification is required to approve the subscription, namely a scanned copy of an official identity document. Indeed, this sounds a little bit embarrassing and uncomfortable, but, considering the circumstances, such a requirement is not unreasonable.

After the identity document is submitted, login details arrive within an hour.


Installing and configuring SW

By way of example we’ll follow this procedure for a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). The link received via e-mail in the introductory letter opens setup guidelines for Macs available in the client area. See the picture below:


Dedicated connectivity SW (an option recommended by PureVPN in the form of a standard installation file for Mac (.dmg)) is within one mouse click. The routine prompts to install the PureVPN SW in the Applications folder.


After that, the application can be opened. It offers a very convenient Dialer utility which is a rare feature for the VPN clients.


First of all, it is required to indicate username & password which can be found in the introductory letter from the provider (see above). This is a one-off step thanks to the Remember Me option.

Then the user is prompted to select a protocol – PPTP / L2TP – and a country from an impressively extensive list. Let’s try PPTP and a server based in the Great Britain. Also, a Helper Tool should be installed at this stage which is prompted after the user tries to establish collection (presses Connect). This installation is fast, and the only data required for it is administrative password.

Finally, then all steps are completed, press Connect to establish VPN connection.


It can be verified that the IP-address is in the UK, and the content blocked for some other regions can be accessed. Other connections via several different servers located in different countries with the use of PPTP / L2TP as equally fast and reliable.


Other features

There is another convenient functionality in the Dialer utility, a one not offered by any other provider. It features a Server Selection Tool to pick up the best server depending on your individual preferences.


In the Settings page the user can define operation routine for the service when computer is started. Also there is a Billing page with links to online ordering pages to sign up for other services (including Unlimited option), forms for feedback and direct support ticket opening.


The client SW operates extremely well, it was designed with the impressive level of craftsmanship.


Reliability and speed

Superb SW sets equally high performance expectations. Indeed, PureVPN maintains decent download speeds. As an experiment, was used to check the normal Internet connection speed with PureVPN disconnected.


As demonstrated by this screenshot, the initial connection speed in the course of this test is somewhat below 7 Mbps. The second test illustrated below was performed with PPTP connection to one of PureVPN’s servers based in the UK.


This is a truly great result confirming that VPN connection leads to negligible speed losses. The third test was run to check for possible speed changes in the case of L2TP protocol. Here are the results:


Indeed, is this case the speed is slower, but still great, and normally such a deceleration shall be unnoticeable for the user. And, finally, in the fourth test L2TP protocol is checked with a U.S.-based server.


Again, there are speed losses which can be due to a large physical distance, but the result remains quite good. It shall be admitted that all speed tests were passed successfully and positively confirm the high quality of PureVPN.



PureVPN offers customer support and client SW for PCs, Macs, Androids and iOSs, as well as setup guidelines for Linux and different kind of routers. N.B.: Router support is only available in Unlimited package.

Windows tests for the correlation with Mac version demonstrate that the same level of speed and performance is retained. And there is a bunch of nice features including kill switch, NAT firewall, protection against malware, Smart DNS, Split tunneling.


iOS and Android apps deserve only positive feedback, they are in no way less efficient than desktop SW version and, similarly, ensure hardly noticeable speed losses.


Customer Area

The Customer Area in PureVPN is smart and convenient:


Besides conventional options like invoice handling, support tickets and account details, there is a Network Status page and a live chat support available round-the-clock. And the last but not the least are Unlimited Rewards offered by PureVPN:


This is the opportunity to acquire rewards (service credits) for some activities, including friend invitations, or Twitter and Facebook promotion of the provider. It is a great innovation and a pleasant way to get something for free.




  • Perfect client SW
  • Great customer support
  • Great desktop & mobile performance
  • Free account credits


  • Certain logs are maintained, which can frighten some users
  • Currently, OpenVPN is only supported in beta version
  • Greatest discounts are only offered for Standard package. For Unlimited version they are not as generous


  • None

It can be said with confidence, that PureVPN is one of the best VPN solutions. It is smart, well designed, offers perfect client SW, superb quality, high connection speeds and easy-to-use guidelines. It is not cheap (especially the Unlimited package), but the price-to-quality ratio is truly fair, and this versatile solution backed by extensive and professional support is suitable for almost everybody.


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