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IPVanish review

Today IPVanish demonstrates significant progress. There are, among others, improved accessibility and performance, and elimination of ANY logging for extra privacy and security of online user activities.



Options and Prices

IPVanish follows the common policy of all VPN providers and offers progressive discounts for long-time subscriptions and one-off payments. Their price tag is something like higher-end average, but with the great price/performance ratio this is still a right choice. Thanks to moneyback guarantee extended for 7 days, every user can run own tests and draw own conclusions.

Also, there is the WAIT code which can be received for a limited time to get a 20% discount, and a wide choice of payment options, including conventional credit card and PayPal transfers, as well as Bitcoin payments for ultimate anonymity.




IPVanish is one of unbeatable leaders in the market of VPN services with its top-level network. IPVanish can boast of extensive geographic coverage. The company operates servers in almost 60 countries, including multiple servers in the most popular destinations to achieve fantastic performance, as well as the presence in such exotic countries as Egypt or Panama.

IPVanish maintains superb security and offers great customer support backed by a smart and competent service team. The company follows zero-logging policy for whatever data category, including connection logs, which is a really great advantage.

Concurrent connections are allowed, but only on a limited basis. As it is stated in the IPVanish’s Terms of Use, SW can be installed on an unlimited number of mobile devices or desktops, and one OpenVPN connection and one other protocol (L2TP/PPTP) can be used concurrently.


Privacy and Security Matters

As it was mentioned above, since recently IPVanish follows the strict zero-logging policy. In the case of Bitcoin payments all that is needed to register is password and e-mail, which means total anonymity and immediate secure protection. Even if other payment options are selected, and some personal data is submitted, IPVanish would keep this data undisclosed.

Privacy policy, terms of use and service which are available online are clear and transparent for every common user. IPVanish offers PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN connection options with 128/256/256-bit encryption. To increase user privacy even further, IPVanish maintains IP-sharing and, thanks to the absence of logs, user identity or activities cannot be defined or traced.

Today the company follows a completely log-free policy, while in the past logging practices were not that straightforward, and torrenting was ceased and desisted out of accord with the declared accessibility of P2P-sharing and no logging.


The web-site is designed with a clear customer focus, easy to use layout of options and an ample knowledge base. Individual Control Panel offers smart navigation algorithms and clear on-screen details.


Customer Care

Despite obvious expectations, IPVanish offers no round-the-clock live support for its customers. These resources are only available during average working hours. This deficiency is somewhat balanced by an extensive online database of “Questions & Answers”, superb installation and setup manuals and an excellent ticket support system. The team is smart and skilled. All requests are properly attended and handled. Another handy resource is online forums with useful information and comments from the staff of IPVanish and from the users.





It is very easy to sign up, which is, though, not uncommon in the VPN service market. If Bitcoin payments are chosen for total anonymity, all that is needed from the prospective customer is a password and an e-mail address.


Windows VPN Client

New improved IPVanish 2.0 Client demonstrates a considerable progress in comparison with the previous version. Indeed, some other providers offer a better choice of settings, but there are some nice features here too. Specifically, it is very easy to select preferred location and connection basing on different criteria including map view, location, and speed performance. IP-address can be regularly changed. There are online “Account” and “Support” tabs and connection can be controlled from the task bar.



Performance Metrics (Speed, DNS, IP Test)

As demonstrated by usual testing routines, IPVanish allows no DNS leaks. IP tests, as well as the L2TP and OpenVPN connection tests, also return positive results.

No VPN Speed:


With OpenVPN:


L2TP Speed:



Other Platforms

Great news is that IPVanish supports all major operating systems and devices. If default settings are used, Android application opts for an OpenVPN connection, while the iOS application allows PPTP and L2TP. It is also possible to use manual configuration and select other available protocols at own discretion.


Mobile application is not too advanced, but it is still adequate to satisfy general needs, and speed performance in the case of mobile version is not much worse as compared with desktop application. If it is needed to connect a big number of devices to the VPN service, it is preferable to buy a Sabai OS Router or DD-WRT/Tomato FlashedRouter.




  • Major security improvements
    • Dynamic IP-sharing
    • Superb encryption tools
  • Great performance
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Extensive server infrastructure with wide geographic coverage
  • Excellent cross-platform support
  • Good customer care
  • Great speeds


  • Client SW lacks advanced features
  • U.S.-based
  • Not too many concurrent connections


  • Negligible

Considering all pros and cons, IPVanish demonstrates great achievements confirming its solid market position as one of the best VPN providers.



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