Is Netflix Down?

Is Netflix down right now in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands or its just you?

We have noticed some intermittent Netflix outages & issues around Zip: 1000 so you might be affected.

Why Netflix is not working for you?

Netflix is probably the biggest video streaming services in the world. However, this does not necessarily means that you will always enjoy its use. There are many reasons that may disrupt streaming such as internet connectivity, reliance on apps and third-party hardware. The Netflix app may crash, not open properly, unable to play movies and shows or load a black screen on your devices. 

Users complain that Netflix is down when they see the following error messages

  • Cannot connect to Netflix
  • Netflix is not available 
  • Sorry, we are unable to reach Netflix service 
  • Unable to connect to Netflix 
  • Android Error: Connection failed 

If you want to confirm whether Netflix is down, you can use DownDetector to check areas where the services are down. Alternatively, you can check recent Netflix problems on the company’s twitter feed. Recently, the company has been updating confirmed problems such as streaming problems, etc. 

You can try to reset your internet connection or restart your device to see if the problem will be address. However, if there is a huge spike in complaints, the problem may be from Netflix and you will have to wait for the company to restore services. 

Netflix troubleshooting tips 

Try to re-login in on your computer 

If you are experiencing streaming problems on other devices other than your computer, try logging on your laptop or desktop computer. If you still see the error on the computer, then the problem is with the Netflix service. You will have to wait for the company to restore services. 

Verify the network streaming video

Some public Wi-Fi connections do not allow streaming. If you don’t have access over the router, contact the person in charge and ask if streaming is allowed. 

Disable unblocker, proxy or VPN software

Netflix blocks users that use proxies, VPNs and unblockers to access their accounts. This is to ensure that these software are not used to bypass region-blocked content. 

If you are located in a region that is not restricted but you still use VPN for privacy, you will need to deactivate it to continue watching your content on Netflix. 

Check whether your internet is fast enough 

If you are experiencing problems streaming videos on Netflix, the problem might be the network speed. You will need a minimum connection of 500kps to support video streaming and at least 1.5Mbps for a reliable playback of low-resolution videos. For ultra HD videos, you will need higher speeds. 

Try a different connection 

Network problems can disrupt video streaming even when the internet connection is fast. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can try to use a modem or Ethernet. Alternatively, you can try to move your device closer to the router or vice versa. 

Restart your devices 

Restarting devices is an easy way to troubleshoot a connection problem. Remember also to restart the router by unplugging it for few minutes before putting it back. 

Common Netflix Problems and how to fix them 

Bad quality or slow loads 

Bad quality videos may prevent you from enjoying your favorite shows or movies on Netflix. Sometimes, it may take long time to actually load and start your shows. This is mainly due to poor internet connection. 

  • Run a speed test to see whether you have the minimum speed for SD or HD quality 
  • Restart the device you are using to access Netflix 
  • Also, restart your networking device (router or modem) 
  • Move closer to your networking device

Netflix connection problem 

This is one of the most common problem faced by many users which is caused by improper network connection or other issues. To check whether it is due to poor internet connection, you should try opening another site on your device. If you are able to access other websites, you should go through the following troubleshooting tips. 

  • Whichever device you use, try to restart it 
  • Next, if you are using Wi-Fi, try to restart the router as well 
  • If these fixes does not address the problem, try to restart the Netflix app 
  • Finally, you can try to uninstall and re-install the app to see if the connection problem is addressed.

Netflix streaming issue 

Apart from connection problems, many users are faced with streaming issues. This problem can cause bad quality videos or taking a lot of time to start anything on the app. Even though streaming issues may be caused by poor connection, there are also other reasons too. 

  • First, perform a speed test to confirm if you have the required SD or HD quality speed 
  • Since this issue can occur on any device whether it is a phone, tablet, computer, console, etc. So, you should restart the device you are using. 
  • Next, you will need to restart the router and see if the streaming issue is resolved. Unplug it from the power source and wait for sixty seconds before plugging it back. Also, remember to check the Wi-Fi router location. 
  • Similarly, if you are using a modem, you should unplug it from your device and wait for few seconds before connecting it back. 

Netflix errors 1011 and 1012 

These are very common errors experienced by Netflix users especially on android and iOS mobile phone devices. It also occurs in other devices such as smart TVs, consoles, etc. 


The main fix to this issue is resetting the Netflix app. However, there are different process of resetting android and iOS devices. 

Resetting Netflix on Android devices 

  • First, navigate to the setting option on your device
  • Then, go App manager where you will find the Netflix app 
  • Tap on the clear cache and clear data 
  • Press Ok to end the process 
  • Try to use the Netflix app to see if the issue is resolved 

Resetting Netflix on iOS devices 

  • Tap on the home button twice to access recently apps 
  • Swipe through to find the Netflix app and close it 
  • Go back to home screen and restart the Netflix app again 

Reset Netflix in other devices 

  • Open the Netflix app on the device you are using 
  • Using your remote, press the arrows in the following sequence ‘up, up, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up’
  • As you press in this sequence, an option to deactivate the Netflix app will appear on the screen. Press okay and sign in again. 

Netflix error 1016 

This is an issue that is mainly faced by iOS users and can occur on iPhones or iPads. The biggest reason for this problem is bad internet connection. 

  • First, you should reset the connection of your device. Go to the home screen and tap on the airplane icon. Wait for a few seconds and touch it again to deactivate the airplane mode. 
  • If it still does not work, you can try to restart the device. Press the sleep or wake button continuously until the red slider appears. Drag the slider to completely turn off the device. Wait for few seconds and press the sleep/wake button to turn it on. 

Netflix error 12001 

This error is mainly faced by Android device users and it is mainly caused by the outdated data. You may have faced such an error if you are using an Android device to watch Netflix movies and shows. 


Since the error is caused by outdated data, the only solution is clearing out the data on your device. Here is how you can clear cache and data on your Android device. 

  • Open the setting option on your device 
  • Go to the Application manager button 
  • Tap on the Netflix app 
  • Clear cache and data and press OK 
  • Try to open the Netflix app again to see if the error is resolved 

Sign in problem 

Singing in problem is an issue that is faced by every Netflix user regardless of the devices they are using. You may receive an email citing that someone has tried to sign in your Netflix account. To prevent the unauthorized access to your account to reset the password. 

  • Instead of clicking on the link accompanying the email, you should go to the Netflix website and reset your password from there. 
  • Go to the website and sign in using your details
  • Tap on the option ‘My account’ and go to ‘change password’
  • Input the old and a new password in the required fields
  • If you have forgotten your password, tap on the option ‘forgot password’ and follow the prompts to reset your password

Many users on Netflix

This is a common issue faced by Netflix users of all devices. It may be caused by poor connection or sharing account password to other users. You will get a message that your account is used in another device. 

  • The best way to address this problem is by changing the password of your Netflix account. Follow the same process mentioned above 

Black screen issue 

Black screen issue is a problem that is faced by PC and computers users. This problem is caused by various reasons where the screen goes completely black. 

  • First, go to Netflix Cookies clearing on the website. Once the cookies are cleared, log in again and see if the problem is resolved
  • If the problem persist, close the browser completely and try streaming something else
  • If you are using IE or Safari, try using other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox
  • Delete the sliverLight plugin for better results 
  • An invalid antivirus may also cause the black screen issue. If this is the case, you should immediately update the antivirus 

Netflix issue in Apple TV 

There are several problems faced by Netflix users on Apple TV

  • First, you will need to restart the device
  • If the problem persist, try restarting the router 
  • If the problem is not resolved, you will need to sign out from your account and wait for few seconds before signing back. 
  • In case you have tried everything and the problem still persist, update the Apple TV. This might fix up the issue

Netflix problem in PS4

PS4 console users also faces problems that can be easily resolved by reinstalling the app. 

  • Go to the TV and video screen option on your device
  • Tap on the option button and select ‘delete’ then ‘Ok’ 
  • After deleting, the Netflix app will appear again on the screen. Select it and the app will be re-downloaded 
  • Sign back and start streaming again

Netflix errors on Xbox One 

Xbox One users also faces Netflix problems while streaming their favorite videos. 


  • The first thing you should do is turn off your Xbox One. Wait for about thirty seconds before turning it back on. This might seem a simple step but it may help to fix the issues you are experiencing
  • If the problem is not addressed, sign out of your Netflix account and sign back after few seconds. Press the menu button on your Xbox One and go to setting and log out 
  • If the issue still persist, you can uninstall the app from the device and reinstall it back. 

How to watch Netflix of other regions using ExpressVPN

One of the biggest selling point of a VPN is the reliability to access Netflix. Even though the video streaming service is available in over 190 countries worldwide, each region has its own selection of movies and shows. For instance, the Netflix content available in the US is different from that of Spain. This can be frustrating to users in regions that have a small selection of content compared to countries such as the US, Australia, UK and Canada. 

Also, because of copyright and distributions issues, Netflix uses geoblocks to prevent users streaming content outside their regions. 

Fortunately, you do not need to crack Netflix secret codes to bypass the geoblock to access more content. A good VPN can help you to bypass the Netflix proxy error and access content from different regions around the world. 

However, Netflix uses an anti-VPN software to block VPN users. Not every VPN can be able to bypass these restrictions. 

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN to use to access more Netflix content. This is because it has a large network of servers that help to break through the geo-restrictive firewall. 

How does ExpressVPN works? 

Every device that connects to the internet is assigned to a unique IP address which works in a similar way as the mailing addresses. For instance, if you want to send a post card to someone, you will be required to put their address on the front. 

The IP address works in the same way, but instead of postcards, it involves packets of data. So, when you try to access the internet, your request is sent as a packets of data stamped with your unique IP address. 

VPNs works by changing the IP addresses. So, the data that leaves your device is encrypted to scramble the code. Every request you send through the VPN goes through the company’s servers before it reaches the internet. While at the servers, your home IP address is replaced with another anonymous one. The whole process is done under encryption which helps to conceal the content requested and identity of the user. 

To block users that uses VPNs to access Netflix, the company keeps a huge list of all the IP addresses associated with different VPN services from around the world. So, when someone tries to connect with a matching IP address, the request is denied. 

The restriction process is slightly different when using Netflix streaming apps compared to when using a browser. These apps are blocked using a DNS-based approach that is more restrictive which is very hard to bypass even when using powerful VPNs. 

How to get ExpressVPN to work with Netflix?

ExpressVPN is a great way to reliably access Netflix when using a browser or Netflix app. If you experience any problems when using ExpressVPN, you should try the following tips. 

  1. Switch servers 

Switching servers is one of the best ways to restore Netflix servers. If you get proxy error from Netflix select through the ExpressVPN server list, connect and then reload the Netflix app. This way, you can get a fast working server. For a better experience, you can always get help from the support team. 

Try on windows 

ExpressVPN works exceptionally well when used on Netflix app. This is not always the case especially on mobile devices such as Fire TV and game consoles. If the connection problem still persists, you can try opening your Netflix account on a browser window. 

Give it time 

Nobody wants to hear the truth that Netflix is very good at blocking VPNS. However, some VPN services such as ExpressVPN, can find way around the restrictions when given time. If you can’t find a server that breaks through the barrier, give it time and try later. 

Netflix catalogue comparison between regions 

Although in the recent past, Netflix has been producing original content in an attempt to reduce reliance on third-party content. Nevertheless, the Netflix library sizes and qualities are different across the world. A 2016 analysis of top-rated and new release movies showed that Belgium, Brazil, the UK, Australia and New Zealand received more top-rated movies titles than in other regions. 

Top 5 countries with the largest Netflix catalog 

Country  Title  Movies  TV shows 
Japan  5963 4621 1342
United States  5655 3979 1676
Canada  5480 3954 1558
United Kingdom  5212 3654 1558
India  4904 3457 1447

Nonetheless, Netflix has a strong presence in many countries around the world. Overall, Japan has the largest library more than in the US or anywhere in the world. With over 5900 titles, the Netflix library in Japan offers a wealth of content for users. 

Even though Japan has a larger library in total, it has fewer TV shows titles than the US, UK, India, Australia and Canada. Also, most of the titles featured on the Japanese catalogue are poorly rated. There are almost 800 titles in the library with an IMBD rating of 5 and below. 

If you love TV shows, you will be served well by both the US and UK Netflix libraries with over 1600 shows. Although most if the title are the same, you might find slight variations. For instance, a certain show may be present on the US library but absent in the UK and vice versa. 

Netflix still remains banned in China, a situation that does not appear to get better soon. China has very strict internet filtering and monitoring policies which makes it difficult for Netflix to offer their services. 

Apart from China, Netflix is also restricted in countries such as North Korea, Crimea and Syria. However, it does not mean that films enthusiasts in these countries cannot access Netflix content at all. In fact, most people are finding ways to bypass the Great Firewall to access Netflix content.